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Fishing Report

Fishing Report

Dude, we can totally see you

11/26/14 Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone has a safe holiday and eats lots of turkey. I know some are finding ways to go fishing this weekend, as the weather remains "mild" (in other words, warmer than Thanksgiving, 2013). I'll be one of them.

Nate with a dandy

The rivers are very high right now as the river valley went from cold and snowy, to warm and rainy, and back to cold and snowy. These changes offered some opportunity, and Nate and Greg were able to find some nice fish.

I didn't make it out until it was too late. By Sunday the river was very high -- too high for the limited wading and nymphing I was rigged for. But an hour on the water is worth two at home, and it felt great to fight the current for position and attempt to manipulate the drift around the fast currents.

Steve trying everything to stay upright and catch a trout

Then the snow came, a wicked clinging snow that stuck to the trees like gum on a wall. By Monday the river was high and cold and it seemed like skiing was the thing to do. It was spectacularly scenic, if a bit too sticky for great gliding. I was the first tracks that day, though a lone coyote had broken trail for a bit, which was nice. We ended up with around six inches of snow.

Slow but scenic skiing

This weekend looks promising yet again, as does next week. Fishing larger streamers slowly won't catch a lot of fish, but it can sure entice some large ones. The warmer the winter water, the better the nymph fishing gets as well. And after a terrible nymph winter last winter, reports of fish on the sand -- and the accompanying sight nymphing, which is my favorite winter sport -- has me waiting patiently for clear water.

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